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I have received a faulty product. What do I do?Updated a year ago

If you have received an order containing a product with a manufacturing defect or the product has become faulty for some reason, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Examples of defects: 

  • Adhesive error: the glass in not properly secured, dust in between PanzerGlass™ and the screen and air bubbles in the glass
  • Fingerprint scanner issues: the scanner can´t read my finger properly
  • Oil traces or colour defects

If you find one or more above stated defects in the product that you purchased, you can file a complaint by contacting our Customer Service at [email protected] instead of returning the product via our webshop. This way we can process your complaint faster and send you a new item. 

The refund policy covers any defect on a PanzerGlass™ product before it has been put to use, such as discoloration or defective adhesive that appears immediately after applying the glass to your device. 

We look forward to helping you!

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