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What type of screen protectors do you offer?Updated a year ago

PanzerGlass™ offers a wide range of screen protectors so you have the freedom to choose the one, which fits your needs. 

At PanzerGlass™ we have 2 types of screen protector fits:

Our Ultra Wide Fit screen protectors offer Diamond Strength meaning a 150% higher drop impact, 100% edge strength and better viewing experience compared to our Platinum Strength Classic Fit screen protectors. 

Apart from the fit, PanzerGlass™ offers 4 additional features - Clear, Privacy, Anti-reflective and Anti-blue light.

Privacy Screen Protector has a specifically designed privacy filter that renders the content of your screen virtually invisible to everyone except you.

Anti-blue light Screen Protector is specifically designed to protect your eyes for prolonged screen time. It helps to prevent eye strain, headache, fatigue and blocks blue light.

Anti-reflective Screen Protector is specifically designed to reduce glare from the sun and artificial light, so you can always see what´s on your screen no matter the conditions. 

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