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What makes screen protectors from PanzerGlass™ different?Updated a year ago

All of our screen protectors provide superior drop, scratch and shock protection so you never have to stress about breaking your smartphone again. In addition to that, our screen protectors are so easy to install so you don´t need any previous experience. Even if it doesn´t work out for the first time, you can re-apply the product up to 200 times. That is not all, our screen protectors also contain an antibacterial layer, that kills 99,99% of all common surface bacteria.  

In addition to offering physical protection, screen protectors from PanzerGlass offers additional features such as privacy screen, anti-reflective function or anti-blue light, which reduces the amount of blue light. We provide you with options, so you can freely choose what fits your needs.

By using screen protectors from PanzerGlass, you not only protect your wallet but also the environment by making your phone last longer. 

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