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What are the values of PanzerGlass™?Updated a year ago


At PanzerGlass™, “Passion” is a key value as we always walk the extra mile for our colleagues, customers, and projects to create value. We believe that passion, a winning attitude, and talent are key values for our current and future employees. We look to hire and retain people that live these values by always bringing their A-game and who never back down from a challenge.


PanzerGlass™ is built by entrepreneurs and the pioneering spirit continues to be an integral part of our company. At PanzerGlass™, we do not focus on what is not possible. We do not see obstacles, make up excuses, and say “it can’t be done”. We are committed to always have a positive mindset, explore new possibilities, embrace change, and encourage agility and fast decision making. We believe a positive spirit, an open mind, and a winning attitude mean that sky is the limit.


PanzerGlass™ customers and business partners trust in our brand, our people, and our word. We strive to honor their trust by acting with integrity, always keeping our promises, and being honest. PanzerGlass™ employees are the beating heart of our company and the physical manifestation of our corporate values. They are true to their word, honest in nature, act responsible, respect others, and know right from wrong – in business as well as in life. For PanzerGlass™, brand and reputation are everything.

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